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About Simple Lip Balm

Simple Lip Balm was founded with a decision to create a hydrating lip balm with minimal ingredients.

We believe that you should know exactly what you’re putting on your lips, and the ingredients should help.

Not only does our lip balm moisturize your lips, but it also keeps your lips healthy because we don't add any of the junk that's commonly found in lip balms.

Use a lip balm without worrying about having to reapply it every few minutes. All you want is a lip balm that works.

One that hydrates your lips, lasts long, isn’t greasy, or has unnecessary ingredients.

However, many of the lip balms are filled with junk, or you have to constantly reapply it, which means you’re always buying lip balm.

As avid lip balm users, we found that most of them don’t work.

We believe in simplicity, which is why our formula is simple and made with the finest natural ingredients. No petroleum. No soy. No parabens.

About our founder

Four greyscale polaroid photos.

I’ve carried a lip balm in my pocket for as long as I can remember. Growing up, my mom always told me to put on lip balm before my lips would get dry and crack.

Did I listen? Usually when it was too late and painful. That to say, I’ve been a lip balm user my whole life.

Later, I found myself in New York City during a cold winter. I was walking from my hotel in SoHo to Times Square (distances on the map look shorter than reality).

I felt my lips begin to get dry, so I applied some lip balm. Minutes later, my lips felt dry, so I applied more. A few minutes later, they were dry again!

At that moment, I knew that I needed to figure out how to make my own lip balm.

I began trying different formulas and seeing which ingredients worked the best.

So, why did I start Simple Lip Balm? There were already lip balm companies, from cheap petroleum lip balm to luxury, scientific lip balm with who knows what in it.

I envisioned a lip balm that would be hydrating, long-lasting, and with ingredients that I actually knew (and could count on one hand).

Our mission at Simple Lip Balm is to share our minimal and effective lip balm with you.

We want to make people aware of the ingredients they’re putting on their lips and to make the switch to a Simple one.


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We like to keep things simple, that’s why we have lip balm’s for you to choose from Original (unflavored), vanilla, peppermint, and citrus. Shop our lip balms.

Insider tip: Mix vanilla and citrus for an orange creamsicle taste.

Your happiness is all we want

Our #1 priority here at Simple Lip Balm is your happiness. If you have a problem, we'll solve it. Refund it. Replace your order. Whatever it takes. Just reach out to us. We're here for you.